About Us


SRS global inc was incorporated to serve, assist companies to excel in their business, especially for the export import professional and companies..

This was a dream and vision of our company’s founder person Mr.Vishwas.N.R  who had foreseen ample opportunities for Indian companies as well as foreign companies to enter into new un captured markets across the globe to expand business.

Our Endeavour is to make available of unique and best products of a particular region/country to rest of the world.

WIIFM (what is in it for me)

For Indian Companies:
  • SRS global inc assists Indian export companies ,export professional to acquire clients across the world.
  • Assists companies to excel in their business by getting orders from new un captured markets.
  • Assists in knowing risk factor of entering into new markets and doing business with new companies.
For Overseas Companies:
  • SRS global  inc assists overseas companies to enter into Indian markets and capture the market share.
  • Assists in acquiring Indian clients/companies for Joint ventures.
  • Provides consultation for procuring goods locally.This service is applicable for overseas export companies and retail FDI companies who are willing to enter Indian markets.
  • Assists in gathering information about new clients in India, for ex; information like credit worthiness, company’s presence, background etc.
  • Provides representative services in India for overseas companies.